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hellcat / ведьма, мегера
имя существительное
witch, hag, hex, harridan, hellcat, randy
shrew, vixen, virago, termagant, tartar, hellcat
имя существительное
a spiteful, violent woman.
She's like that, the hellcat .
She looked so peaceful when she slept yet she was hellcat when she was awake.
But now the little hellcat of the man's wife was struggling with him, and he tried to get her off without causing too much harm.
In short, my sister is a tomboy / hellcat .
She's like that, the hellcat .
She's obviously a hellcat but she's also a smart, funny and talented person.
Mary bit his lip, turning into a hellcat , twisting and fighting his hold, trying to scratch his face.
You're a hellcat when it comes to kids - I should have known better.
She's like a hellcat when she gets angry.
The door suddenly opened and the hellcat walked into the room, unceremoniously.
Yes, Christina is beginning to change into a hellcat !