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heliport / вертодром, вертолетная станция, аэродром для вертолетов
имя существительное
вертолетная станция
аэродром для вертолетов
имя существительное
an airport or landing place for helicopters.
The computers and disks also reportedly contain photos of heliports , and helicopter cockpits, controls and cockpit door locking mechanisms.
This was the hydrant for the heliport , with underground tanks, in case of helicopter crashes.
From the heliport , we took a bus ride along the canyon's rim.
Steve isn't making it as an actor, as they were led to believe, but works as a cleaner at the studios and lives in a bus with a flat tyre on a disused heliport outside the city.
He also has a heliport , all the latest mod-cons, outdoor hot-tubs and stables for the 75 horses down the road.
The Palace was completed in 1992, in 450 square kilometers, encompassing a dock for visitors and their yachts, a heliport , and an artificial lake.
The airport, which lost its last major airline service last year, wants to build a heliport and facilities for twin-engine aircraft.
At headquarters in Freetown, palm fronds weighted down by rain blocked an Aironet connection to the heliport .
I therefore sought interviews with off-shore workers in the places where they gather in transit to and from the heliport - in hotel bars, public bars, train stations, and on trains.
You guys couldn't get to Peach's castle in the first place and you'd probably never figure out how to get to the heliport on the roof.
A law-enforcement officer is required to be on board at all times, and the operator must advise the heliport in advance on expected arrival and departure times.