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helipad / вертолетная
имя существительное
a landing and takeoff area for helicopters.
There will be a helicopter landing area or a helipad to allow continued helicopter operations during and after the airstrip project.
My husband woke me when it was time for us to board our helicopter and it was back to the helipad for us with a huge bunch of excellent memories of the day.
Yes, well then, there's a helicopter waiting on the helipad to take you to Hawaii.
Cape Clear Island, one of the last large islands in Ireland without a helipad is to have a helicopter pad to cater for both day and night time landings.
Depending on the weather, the winner will either fly from Humberside Airport aboard the ship's own Lynx helicopter and land on the deck helipad , or board the vessel from the Humber pilot's boat as it greets the warship.
The helipad came into view and the helicopter quickly landed.
The Hi-tech City project has proposals for an independent helipad with a super highway connecting with the airport and Electronic City.
In one corner was a helipad , on which a black helicopter sat.
A helicopter conveying three men touched down on a helipad .
Presently, the helipad is designed to handle the government-owned twin-engine equipped helicopters.
The helicopter landed at the same helipad as it had first taken off from with Will and John.