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heist / ограбление
имя существительное
robbery, loot, burglary, heist, pillage, hijacking
имя существительное
a robbery.
a diamond heist
he heisted a Pontiac
Back in 1963, when the Great Train Robbery occurred, it was considered the heist of the century.
a diamond heist
A highly skilled thief is blackmailed into pulling a diamond heist when his daughter is kidnapped by an international terrorist.
a diamond heist
They were really professional bank robbers and the great thing about the heist was that it was carried out without any undue harassment or harm to anyone.
I can tell you it is more than a diamond heist flick - it is a complex, tense and funny story presented in a very interesting way.
After all, these treasures are literally priceless, and the dome has a bit of a bad track record when it comes to guarding treasure - remember the diamond heist ?
I always wore two thin silver chains down my left side so no one would heist my wallet.
The first two were charged with robbery, and Wang, the woman, was charged with selling diamonds taken in the heist .
She listened over Tracy's muffled cries to the sounds of the robbers going over their plans for the next heist .