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heiress / наследница
имя существительное
heiress, inheritrix, inheritress
имя существительное
a female heir, especially to vast wealth.
an oil heiress
Prosecutors said after investigating the eccentric heiress there was not enough evidence to convict her of petty theft.
she was heiress to a $32 million textile fortune
To do her justice, the hotel heiress does a competent job of the task required of her.
an oil heiress
And so began a saga exploding with murder, robbery… and the kidnapping of a media heiress .
They decide to target a rich heiress who is turning 21 and stands to inherit fifty million dollars.
an oil heiress
In the Anglo-Saxon legal tradition women were unambiguously bearers of such rights, whether as heiresses - in the absence of male heirs - or by right of marriage or as the beneficiaries of gifts.
In medieval England, a rape law existed, but according to Anna Clark, it was primarily formulated to deal with abduction and the illicit marriage of heiresses .
A woman without brothers could inherit a life-interest in her family's land but unless she married a close cousin - as many such heiresses did - she could not pass the estate on to her children.