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heir / наследник, преемник, наследователь
имя существительное
heir, successor, inheritor, legatee, devisee, heritor
successor, heir, incomer
heir, legator
inherit, derive, succeed, heir, come after
имя существительное
a person legally entitled to the property or rank of another on that person's death.
his eldest son and heir
Her health and good looks may have secured her marriage to the heir to the Danish throne, but they would not secure her happiness.
These responsibilities of the heir under customary law had indeed been enforced by courts.
his eldest son and heir
In fact, his son and heir Prince William has been here only once, as a baby.
I was their prince, their heir to the throne, and all they had heard of me was from rumours.
The seeming acceptance by the Royal Family of the heir to the throne's new wife has also been of major importance.
Mary went to live at the French court and at the age of fifteen married Francis, heir to the French throne.
She has been the princess, the heir , the future queen, before and she knows what it is like.
Kemp may labor under the illusion that he is the one true heir of Reagan Republicanism.
Should the Tudor line die out, there would be a Stewart heir to the English throne.