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heighten / повышать, усиливать, повышаться
raise, enhance, boost, up, promote, heighten
strengthen, increase, enhance, reinforce, intensify, heighten
rise, go up, mount, advance, heighten, jump
strengthen, increase, intensify, grow, rise, heighten
exaggerate, magnify, overstate, overdraw, stretch, heighten
make (something) higher.
Turning points separate the acts, change the course of the story and often heighten the drama by raising the stakes.
As such, the facial features of almost all of the actors are that much more defined, which only serves to heighten and intensify the performances.
There's something about the friendly nature of the place, the predominance of music, and the idyllic beauty of the shores and the surf, that heightens the joy of living.
It heightens the awareness of what you have and haven't got.
They do not faint, but the art work heightens their attentiveness, and at the same time makes them recall important things in their personal lives.
The intervention of such a senior politician on his behalf only heightens our concerns.
Cheery yellow flower heads nod all around me, their colours heightened .
And this heightens concern among insolvency experts that the legal change has encouraged significantly more people to apply for bankruptcy as a way out of their personal debts.
Formality does not freeze emotion but heightens it.
To receive a letter like this, is, at the best of times, distressing, but being a carer as well heightens the distress.