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heifer / телка, нетель
имя существительное
heifer, chick, tit, pigmeat, wench, slattern
имя существительное
a young female cow that has not borne a calf.
They raise their own replacement heifers and sell their bull calves to another organic farmer nearby.
The comparison was with a pregnant heifer purchased in the same fall.
It is better to fail to achieve conception with the yearling than to fail with the second calf heifer .
Her calf, a heifer , will be given as a gift to another family.
Successful first breeding and calving of the heifer is only part of a successful replacement strategy.
Therefore, a replacement heifer must be developed at a total cost that is less than the future value.
The heifers were not treated differently after delivering the first calf.
The heifer beat off stiff competition from nine other heifers and eighteen bulls to win the prestigious award.
This was costly, and the heifers often failed when the high level of feed inputs were taken out of the system.
Some producers concentrate solely on cows, hiring other farmers to custom raise heifers .
Allocating grass on a 36 or 48-hour basis will allow cows and heifers to be fully fed most of the time.