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hegel / гегелем
Hegel and the Hegelians of the twentieth century were wrong.
However, I have been trained to fear Hegelianism … can you expand on this?
In Hegelian aesthetics, the sacred art of the sublime can only be the art of poetry.
What did it really mean to assert that the contents of Christianity and Hegelianism were the same?
On the contrary, it was precisely from 1830 to 1840 that Hegelianism reigned most exclusively, and to a greater or lesser extent infected even its opponents.
Consequently, Hegelianism seemed to imply a type of firm religious commitment.
This group became known as the Young Hegelians, or Left Hegelians .
So it is hard to see Hegelianism becoming a popular mass philosophy, for all its huge influence.
More specifically, how, after the collapse of Hegelian philosophy, is philosophy still possible?
But he did have a lot of important philosophical things to say, especially in response to the Hegelian tradition that was so dominant when he was knocking about.