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heft / вес, тяжесть, большая часть
имя существительное
weight, heft, avoirdupois, ponderosity, authority
gravity, weight, burden, heaviness, load, heft
большая часть
most, bulk, better part of, larger half, mass, heft
lift, raise, up, pick up, put up, heft
определять вес
weigh, balance, ponder, scale, deliberate, heft
имя существительное
the weight of someone or something.
This gave engineers the option of either creating a stiffer frame without adding heft or shedding weight without sacrificing strength.
lift or carry (something heavy).
Donald hefted another pair of sandbags from the stack
If only they didn't feel as if their heft and institutional weight conferred credibility or ingenuity, because it doesn't.
Consequently, the recording lacks heft , as only a few tracks register with any deep impact.
Gift-wrapped in thick brown paper tied with string, it had promising heft and solidity: a chemistry set with a real Bunsen burner, perhaps; certainly not anything boring to wear.
At 23.4 ounces, it has enough heft for a nice swing, but it won't wear you out on a long climb.
And though outnumbered almost three to one, the men were hardly lacking in heft .
Together they continued to heft him towards his dorm room with Taylor carrying his feet and Josh supporting his body at the shoulders.
This trend lent intellectual heft to an earlier movement, the vocational education movement of the 20th century's first decades.
It makes sense, I guess, that none of it is given great heft as the story flits from character to character.
The sense of desperation came through in the language, while any heft there was in Monday's budget was achieved by detailing every new daycare space being funded and virtually every new mile of road being paved.
But the picture has heft and power, fuelled by Russell's despair and self-loathing at the legacy of hate bequeathed to him by his father and grandfather: both cops.