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heed / внимание, осторожность
имя существительное
attention, note, care, consideration, mind, heed
caution, care, prudence, discretion, wariness, heed
обращать внимание
pay attention, notice, heed, point out, note, take notice
внимательно следить
имя существительное
careful attention.
if he heard, he paid no heed
pay attention to; take notice of.
he should have heeded the warnings
In turn, he paid heed to everything I said and had a lot of regard for me.
My eyes were fixed on the window, though I paid little heed to what went on outside.
Now I didn't want to take heed of this advice and end up making a fool of myself.
The Council would have to be extraordinarily inept if it were not to take heed of this overwhelming reaction to the move.
It just goes to prove you should pay heed to any ‘tip’ given to you by a taxi driver!
The wealthy and those on expense accounts pay little heed to it.
He urged the vicar to reconsider the plans and take heed of what protesters were saying.
we must take heed of the suggestions
So we showed the manuscript to a lawyer but I took no heed of his suggestions.
This directly hurts those who wish to take a critical view of the situation, paying heed to both sides.