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hedonism / гедонизм, жажда наслаждений
имя существительное
жажда наслаждений
имя существительное
the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence.
The whole point of a sports car is hedonism , the selfish pursuit of pleasure.
It's a glimpse into the golden age of kings, a lost world of luxury, political scheming, extravagance and hedonism .
Surely their fate carries with it lurid tales of hedonism and excessive violence?
The club sold its soul to the devil of capitalism, and whilst the short term gains were success, admiration, a growing international fan base and kudos, that avenue of hedonism has finally delivered the bill.
To me, hedonism and decadence are completely opposed.
In the Town Square, shops have been replaced by cafes and restaurants and the last vestiges of mall functionality have been eradicated completely in favor of lifestyle hedonism .
There is a critique of hedonism , or the pursuit of pleasure.
They viewed the world as a great machine, adopted hedonism as their ethics, and interpreted history from a subjective-critical point of view.
It is a novel about tension between duty and responsibility on the one hand and hedonism and indulgence on the other.
Their faith, that ‘life is hard and success doesn't come easy ’, is undermined by Joe's evangelism of an earthly paradise of wealth and hedonism .
It's not so much that I've quietened down, as that I've channelled my energies into things that are more productive than out-and-out hedonism .