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hedgerow / живая изгородь, полезащитная полоса
имя существительное
живая изгородь
hedge, hedgerow, green fence, quickset, quickset hedge, quick
полезащитная полоса
имя существительное
a hedge of wild shrubs and trees, typically bordering a road or field.
It will gobble up your fields and hedgerows , your trees and wildlife habitats.
Does anyone plan to plant trees as a hedgerow to block the wind?
A mix of several types of shrubs in a hedgerow is more effective than using one type of plant for the entire hedge.
However, it did manage to spread to a neighbouring hedgerow and stubble field.
Here the fields are relatively small and are divided by hedgerows made up of a dozen or more native plant species.
Work would also be carried out to strengthen existing hedgerows by additional tree planting, and further footpaths would be built.
The morning is spent gathering food which grows wild in fields, hedgerows and on the seashore.
Wherever possible, build the stacks of bales on a sandy base well away from hedgerows and trees.
The private patio at the side of the house is a suntrap, surrounded by shrubs and hedgerows .
The special job on this belly-busting operation is to thin seedlings and new shrubs in the hedgerows .
These items can become stuck on trees or in hedgerows and cause a blight on the landscape.