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hedge / изгородь, преграда, живая изгородь
имя существительное
fence, hedge, fencing, timber
block, barrier, hedge, wall, bar, barricade
живая изгородь
hedge, hedgerow, green fence, quickset, quickset hedge, quick
fence, fencing, hedge, enclosure, railing, haw
let, obstacle, obstruction, barrier, hurdle, hedge
имя прилагательное
secret, covert, clandestine, arcane, undercover, hedge
limit, restrict, confine, constrain, restrain, hedge
surround, compass, encircle, environ, enclose, hedge
огораживать изгородью
hedge, hedge in, hedge off
ограждать себя
обносить изгородью
имя существительное
a fence or boundary formed by closely growing bushes or shrubs.
she was standing barefoot in a corner of the lawn, trimming the hedge
surround or bound with a hedge.
a garden hedged with yews
limit or qualify (something) by conditions or exceptions.
experts usually hedge their predictions, just in case
protect oneself against loss on (a bet or investment) by making balancing or compensating transactions.
the company hedged its investment position on the futures market
He also knows - and if he doesn't he should - that geographical diversity in a pension portfolio is an essential hedge against harder times at home.
The art market grew during the 20 years preceding the Civil War, then boomed as investors sought art as a hedge against inflation.
Options are a great way to hedge against your existing positions to decrease risk.
The best thing about my cave, however, is that it's hidden behind a hedge of red bushes, so the curious tourist or hiker is very unlikely to find it.
They also wanted something that would provide a hedge against inflation.
This swap would be expected to hedge against the rising financing cost of their short term debt.
The savings ratio is also influenced by inflation (rising prices), because people feel a greater need to save as a hedge against higher inflation.
In other words, investors hedge one investment by making another.
index-linked gilts are a useful hedge against inflation
Diversifying your portfolio is a hedge against the down times.