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hector / грубить, хулиганить, задирать
be rude, hector, answer back
vandalize, roughhouse, hector
lift up, bully, pull up, huff, hector, ruffle
insult, offend, huff, abuse, revile, hector
имя существительное
bully, teaser, tease, rooster, bantam, hector
bully, hooligan, hoodlum, ruffian, tough, hector
curmudgeon, cad, churl, twerp, rough, hector
talk to (someone) in a bullying way.
she doesn't hector us about giving up things
имя существительное
a Trojan warrior, son of Priam and Hecuba and husband of Andromache. He was killed by Achilles, who dragged his body behind his chariot three times around the walls of Troy.
In this situation, the solution to full trains is apparently to hector people not to get on; the solution to full platforms is to stop people getting down to the platform; the solution to crowded stations is to close the station.
she doesn't hector us about giving up things
These people form political groupings, accept positions in the Government or candidacies in the parties - both conceded in order to seduce us - and they hector us to take part in elections.
she doesn't hector us about giving up things
But commandeering my computer for an entire week in order to hector me into giving them more personal information is unconscionable.
It continually baffles me why anyone with such an obvious interest in weblog usability would continually hector their poor readers with the kind of interminable prose that you do.
But the guy continued hectoring me to watch more episodes so that I might become enlightened and see the error of my ways.
Fair enough - if listening to him hectoring us about scarce resources and carbon emissions is what it takes to conserve the planet then it's a price worth paying.
But for the most part the tone of the works on show alternates between the hectoringly political and the philosophically profound.
In spite of serious differences, nations should approach their problems with the basic temper of peace and not in a threatening and hectoring mood.