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hectic / беспокойный, лихорадочный, гектический
имя прилагательное
restless, troubled, troublesome, hectic, anxious, turbulent
feverish, febrile, fever, hectic, fevered, feverous
consumptive, hectic, tuberculous, chesty, phthisic
excited, agitated, energized, overwrought, thrilled, hectic
имя существительное
чахоточный больной
чахоточный румянец
имя прилагательное
full of incessant or frantic activity.
a hectic business schedule
relating to, affected by, or denoting a regularly recurrent fever typically accompanying tuberculosis, with flushed cheeks and hot, dry skin.
He likens the maladies of a state to the hectic fever.
имя существительное
a hectic fever or flush.
At the same time the irritative fever and hectic hitherto so much dreaded in large abscesses are, with perfect security, entirely avoided.
Errors are more likely to occur with pressure for quick turnovers and the general rush present during a hectic day.
A more hectic lifestyle, with limited time for planning, shopping, and cooking meals, may partly explain this relationship.
He uses hectic fever as an analogy - as hectic fever is to the body, political maladies are to a state.
The annual summer festival, which came to a close on Thursday July 25, was, overall, a hectic , enjoyable and fun-filled week.
But I have to admit that, during the most hectic hour of my professional career, I omitted one vital midwifery task.
‘Sometimes it's a bit hectic , but generally it's fine,’ he says.
The major obstacle for implementing any information system is the extra work required, especially in the hectic healthcare setting.
her cheeks were hectic
After qualifying I went on to work in a far more busy and hectic unit, that did over 3500 deliveries a year.
Decompress after a hectic workday by taking a walk, going to the gym to work out or taking a bath or shower.