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heckle / чесалка для льна
имя существительное
чесалка для льна
hackle, heckle
чесать лен
hackle, heckle
прерывать оратора
yield, heckle
interrupt (a public speaker) with derisive or aggressive comments or abuse.
he was booed and heckled when he tried to address the demonstrators
dress (flax or hemp) to split and straighten the fibers for spinning.
The first step is to heckle the fiber, combing the long fibers from the short.
имя существительное
a heckling comment.
the meeting regularly dissolved into heckles
Trying to rise from the ranks of the students, first-time lecturers had it worse; they might have to appear before listeners who had come expressly to heckle them and disrupt the lesson at the first blunder or sign of hesitation.
And here I see for the first time what makes a great heckle : passion.
You could knock Philips for not really interacting with his audience, for not having any particularly topical jokes, for the scattergun nature of his approach, or for his awkward way of dealing with a heckle .
He thinks somebody will boo him or heckle him or slow hand-clap him.
He apologises for sounding croaky, and even gets a bit of a heckle when he's off on a verbal detour about birdspotting.
The first heckle at the premiere was heard after about 20 minutes, although there may have been others that went unheeded.
You can always count on your peers, friends, and enemies for a good heckle .
She commented on it, of course, but it was a polite heckle , and very well-meaning - as were her comments about the English weather, her high heels and the quaint English accents.
The first step is to heckle the fiber, combing the long fibers from the short.
I will not bore you with all my heckles but suffice to say that he couldn't answer any of them, though I was not savvy enough to phrase them all as questions.