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hebrides / Гебридские острова
имя существительное
Гебридские острова
имя существительное
a group of about 500 islands off the northwestern coast of Scotland. The Inner Hebrides are separated from the Outer Hebrides by the Little Minch.
I think a small Hebridean island without transport links could be just the thing for him and his lovely girlfriend to get away from all those pesky people who want to make him a multi-millionaire.
When I was working in the Hebrides, I learnt a great universal truth about sheep - or at least, about Hebridean sheep: they don't say Baa, as sheep are reputed to do.
But alien species such as hedgehogs, mink and rabbits have now bred to such an extent that they are posing a threat to the unique habitat and indigenous birdlife of the Hebridean islands.
Wheezing through his Hebridean drawl at the meeting, he said: ‘We are not considered any more than a cow put in for auction.’
The sheep, known as ‘nibbling nomads’, are rare-breed Hebrideans .
This challenging new opera features more than 100 Hebridean schoolchildren sobbing loudly for four hours, without musical accompaniment.
He said: ‘For us the biggest benefit of the Hebridean sheep is conservation.’
Botanists are trying to uncover the mystery of an American orchid that has been found flowering in the wild on the Hebridean island of Tiree - thousands of miles from where it normally grows.
The physical building of the causeway has taken barely seven months although the 126 residents of the island have waited much longer to be joined to the rest of the Hebridean archipelago.
A bicycle tour of the Hebridean islands takes in rare grasslands, shy wildlife, spectacular scenery… and a trip across the Moon, writes Dan Bailey