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heavy-handed / неуклюжий, неловкий, тяжеловесный
имя прилагательное
clumsy, awkward, bumbling, hulking, lumbering, heavy-handed
awkward, clumsy, uneasy, ungainly, gauche, heavy-handed
heavy, ponderous, stodgy, elephantine, graceless, heavy-handed
cruel, brutal, fierce, severe, ruthless, heavy-handed
despotic, oppressive, autocratic, arbitrary, domineering, heavy-handed
имя прилагательное
clumsy or insensitive.
this heavy-handed prose is merely tiresome
It's a good thing the scene was deleted, as it's heavy-handed and the dialogue is awkward.
The protesters also want an end to the heavy-handed police tactics that led to the killing of the four demonstrators last week.
The riots were seen specifically as anti-police demonstrations provoked by heavy-handed police harassment.
In Portugal handcuffed and hung over hooligans whinge about heavy-handed police tactics and plead their innocence.
But Ms Smith, who got caught up in the brawl, said she would be complaining to the police about their heavy-handed approach.
Surely the police response was a bit heavy-handed - what order were they disrupting anyhow?
This intrusion shows how heavy-handed the movie's efforts to be relevant and political are.
My apologies to the author for what may well be rather heavy-handed paraphrasing of his often quite poetic prose.
But protesters claimed they had not come to fight and many accused the police of heavy-handed tactics and attacking them for no reason.
Too often they came across as gimmicks, awkward and heavy-handed .