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heavy-duty / высокопроизводительный, сверхмощный, тяжелого типа
имя прилагательное
тяжелого типа
для тяжелого режима работы
облагаемый высокой пошлиной
имя прилагательное
(of material or an article) designed to withstand the stresses of demanding use.
heavy-duty rubber gloves
We vacuum-seal it in these heavy-duty food bags to remove air and we seal it in a PVC tube that protects it physically.
But having said all that… sometimes you just don't need the heavy-duty stuff for the work at hand.
We would expect that at say, Oxford Circus, Bond Street or Euston this would have to be amazingly heavy-duty stuff.
Be sure to have plenty of heavy-duty paper plates that don't buckle and spill when they're piled high.
Linen was also used for fire hoses, parachute webbing and heavy-duty canvas.
We built this heavy-duty water cart to haul milk replacer to our 60 calf huts.
Arm yourself with a generous supply of heavy-duty trash bags and empty boxes.
Casey Lotton of Minnesota builds some great heavy-duty tomato cages.
It was right in the middle of my first legitimate dose of medical school - heavy-duty anatomy and physiology.
I'd put all my stuff into two heavy-duty trash bags, everything I owned.