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heavenly / небесный, божественный, неземной
имя прилагательное
heavenly, celestial, supernal, empyrean, skyey, empyreal
divine, heavenly, godly, godlike, celestial, supernal
unearthly, ethereal, heavenly, ambrosial, supermundane, empyreal
delightful, delicious, lovely, adorable, delectable, heavenly
amazing, marvelous, magnificent, astonishing, stupendous, heavenly
имя прилагательное
of heaven; divine.
heavenly Father
of the heavens or sky.
heavenly constellations
very pleasing; wonderful.
their shampoos smell heavenly
Phillip Frank is now a prince in God's heavenly kingdom.
Indeed, it was a heavenly delight to hear his sublimely pure ethical doctrine delivered with such powerful philosophic eloquence from the lips of its very creator.
In such instances, the chant becomes wordless and the music begins to echo a kind of heavenly or angelic music.
With allusions to the heavenly clutter of planets and stars, the artist gives his canvases a feeling of boundlessness.
The prayer was so heavenly and full of earnest spirituality that all gathered were affected by it.
Immortality means belonging to the family of God, the heavenly court.
Together we shall traverse this heavenly path to excellence.
Our own churches are intended to be holy places - sanctuaries for the heavenly chorus, a place where God meets humans.
Some picture it as a kind of spiritual capital - like money in a bank account - whereby credit is built up as the deposit on a heavenly rebirth.
It was like the world disappeared, and we were spinning in a void of perfect, heavenly intimacy and pleasure.