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heave-ho / вертикальной качки-хо
имя существительное
expulsion or elimination from a job, institution, or contest.
conjecture over who'll get the heave-ho
a cry emitted when doing actions in unison that take physical effort.
His seat is quite ‘safe’ now, so wouldn't it be interesting if his own electorate suddenly decided to give him the old heave-ho for no apparent reason?
His popularity continues to drop, and he'll be given the heave-ho before long.
Should the British ever give the monarchy the heave-ho we'd just have to rename it Republic Day.
Too softhearted to give it the heave-ho , I put it out of sight behind a toolshed.
conjecture over who'll get the heave-ho
Give pretzels the heave-ho but don't dismiss whole-grain breads.
conjecture over who'll get the heave-ho
After her high school sweetheart gives her the heave-ho , she pins her dreams of seeing the world on becoming a flight attendant.
They got the heave-ho from a guy in a black suit and an earpiece impersonating a Secret Service officer.
The broomstick and the pointy hat have been given the heave-ho but, according to Diana, there are still some telltale signs.