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heatwave / тепловая волна, период сильной жары, полоса сильной жары
имя существительное
тепловая волна
heat wave
период сильной жары
heat wave
полоса сильной жары
heat wave
имя существительное
a prolonged period of abnormally hot weather.
For anyone living outside the UK a heatwave means that the weather has cleared up a bit and there's no need for a coat.
Much of England was hit by violent storms as the heatwave that had engulfed the country over the past few days turned to torrential rain.
Brisbane has gone from heatwave to torrential downpour and back to heatwave .
Weather forecasters predict the heatwave will continue in the Bradford district into next week.
Yesterday saw temperatures among the highest recorded for April, and the heatwave was expected to continue today.
when a heatwave occurs many people become increasingly bad-tempered
A large number of studies show that urban populations in the USA and Europe have successfully adapted to recurrent extreme weather events and heatwaves .
In particular, there is likely to be a reduction in water for southern and eastern Australia, with more fires and heatwaves , fewer frosts, less snow and more coral bleaching.
In the same way, we cannot say which of the heatwaves were man-made and which were natural, but we can apportion blame for the change in risk.
By the middle of the century lengthy heatwaves will occur in nine out of ten years throughout much of the southern and eastern parts of the region with nighttime temperatures becoming unbearable.