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heather / вереск
имя существительное
heather, heath, briar, brier
имя существительное
a purple-flowered Eurasian heath that grows abundantly on moorland and heathland. Many ornamental varieties have been developed.
Rhododendrons, most heathers , camellias, pieris, skimmia, citrus and many others must have acid soil.
Around the rock rested an expansive wreath of heathers and rhododendrons.
Another simple and instant solution would be to plant up twin containers with a combination of dwarf conifers and winter-flowering heathers that come in every shade from white through pink to dark red.
In February and March, heathers and hellebores kick off Annemarie's garden's flowering season, which continues until late in the year.
Its edge sliced the crisp air, graceful as its owner that stepped and leapt, feral across the ground, through the low purple heathers and verdant mosses.
Skimmias also like to grow in slightly acid soil, making them superb companions for the heathers and ivies of your choice.
Containers can be given a new lease of life by replacing these plants with autumn and winter specimens such as pansies, winter-flowering heathers , hardy cyclamen and evergreen ivies.
It's a shared space and has heathers , ferns, gorse and many wild flowers (not at this time of year) growing on it.
This lush, warm red exudes a warm, heathery nose, that evokes the other worldly burned soil and lavender of the north-east Languedoc.
Litter is a foreign word and the flower beds are immaculate as the heathers and shrubs thrive in the winter weather with the daffodils lurking beneath the surface.
A third of it is open heathland, carpeted with purple heathers and spotted yellow with gorse.