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heat / тепло, жара, разгар
имя существительное
heat, warmth
heat, climax, thick, depth
heat, warmth, caloric
heat, fever, glow, fire, fervor, ardor
heat, warm, hot, calorify, calefy
heat, warm, hot
warm, heat, warm up, roast, enchafe
heat, warm
heat, drown, sink, stoke, fire, stoke up
имя существительное
the quality of being hot; high temperature.
it is sensitive to both heat and cold
intensity of feeling, especially of anger or excitement.
words few men would dare use to another, even in the heat of anger
a preliminary round in a race or contest.
the 200-meter heats
make or become hot or warm.
the room faces north and is difficult to heat
The bottom line is that it will cost more to keep warm this winter, whether you heat with natural gas, electricity or home heating oil.
Here it was mixed with what must have been cayenne pepper because there was definite heat to it.
Add brown rice and oregano, reduce heat to low, cover and simmer 5 minutes.
The sun, his friend for the moment, seemed sullen today, not wishing to warm the straw and heat his limbs in any magnanimous act of good neighbourliness.
In quantitative terms using heat , the temperature at which the animals experienced discomfort was approximately halved.
Each time we sit still with the restlessness and heat of anger we are tamed and strengthened.
the action really begins to heat up
Local people were braving the fierce heat trying to pull something from the cabin, most probably the driver, who was certainly dead.
Irrespective of temperature, though more challenged by cold than heat , blood glucose must be maintained.
As the Magpies turned up the heat , Wilkinson netted again but his effort was disallowed because Emmett's pinpoint cross was deemed to have swerved out of play.