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hearty / сердечный, обильный, искренний
имя прилагательное
cordial, cardiac, hearty, warm, hearted, kind
abundant, heavy, rich, ample, copious, hearty
sincere, genuine, candid, heartfelt, honest, hearty
healthy, wholesome, sound, good, healthful, hearty
strong, hard, sturdy, solid, fast, hearty
имя существительное
крепкий парень
sailor, seafarer, seaman, mariner, flatfoot, hearty
студент, занимающийся спортом
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their behavior) loudly vigorous and cheerful.
a hearty and boisterous character
(of food) wholesome and substantial.
a hearty meal cooked over open flames
имя существительное
a vigorously cheerful and sporty person.
Outside, the green wellies were locked in battle with police musclemen as inside the sergeant-at-arms and his band of merry men in ladies' black tights, frock-coats and swords were chasing hearties around the Mace.
a form of address ascribed to sailors.
I wanted to add, ‘there, me hearties ,’ but ‘ahoj’ is actually the Czech equivalent of ‘ciao’, rather than a pirate greeting.
The cloned soldiers look, think, and act alike, and their performance in battle proves beyond a doubt that they are hearty and hale members of the human race.
The menu caters to nibblers and hearty appetites alike..
The serpent grew into an enormous and hearty fellow.
My editor thinks we have much in common (not least of which is our very hearty appetites).
Of course a day in the saddle means hearty appetites, picnics notwithstanding.
Unless handicapped by any chronic ailment, he or she will have a hearty enough appetite but will avoid edibles that require strong teeth to tackle.
Having built up a hearty appetite during the day, they will head to Church Station for dinner on Saturday.
Back on dry land we warm up with a hearty buffet, eaten al fresco among the midges.
Having worked up hearty appetite just thinking about all the calories burnt off in a hockey match I was in the mood for some lunch.
He is a family boy, he looks as if he has a good, hearty appetite for food and he is bound to have the best BMX on the block.