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heartland / центральный район, важный район, глубокий тыл
имя существительное
центральный район
важный район
глубокий тыл
heartland, hinterland, interior
имя существительное
the central or most important part of a country, area, or field of activity.
The 2003 challenge in areas ranging from urban heartlands to rural outposts attracted record entries of almost 100.
a recession that battered the coasts while sparing the heartland
That said, there were also areas of the Sunni heartland where turn-out was scarce and intimidation appeared to have won.
And yet that version of the heartland has never really existed anymore than George Washington's cherry tree or Jack Kennedy's virtue.
Herman Roth's employer, an insurance company, decides to transfer him and other Jewish workers to jobs in the heartland too, ostensibly to stir the melting pot.
the heartland of the rebel cause
It seems that forked blades might have first originated in Sanxingdui and were exported eastward to the central heartland .
This city's Latino population grew by more than 1,500 percent over the past decade, part of a national trend of Latinos leaving the cities in search of America's heartland .
And now it's hitting the airwaves for the very first time in the heartland , the Midwest and Southeast.
Democrats, they say, are hopelessly out of touch with the deep family values practiced by born-again Christians in the South and Midwestern heartland .
If they could mobilize every Democratic vote in America's industrial centers - and in its populist heartland as well - then they would win on math alone.