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hearth / очаг, под, камин
имя существительное
hearth, focus, hotbed, fireplace, furnace, pocket
fireplace, chimney, fire, hearth, mantelpiece, grate
furnace, fire-box, burner, hearth, heating, fire
домашний очаг
home, hearth, hearth and home, fireside, hearthstone
имя существительное
the floor of a fireplace.
the crackling blaze on the hearth
He thought back to the days with Myra in the cottage when he used to come home from the pit, black from head to toe with coal dust, and soak himself in the hot sudsy water in the tin bath in front of the hearth .
She realized the war was being fought by a few at the expense of the many, that most beings wished only to live their lives out by their hearth and home, and that such power of one human over another was never meant to be.
She headed back to the big room with the fireplace and at once saw the bright blaze which was already beginning to take the chill away from in front of the hearth and the damp from the air there.
The room has a high vaulted ceiling and a raised fireplace with a marble hearth and brick surround.
And yet, she still couldn't quite separate the Conos she knew from the General whose stories were still told on occasion in front of the hearth at night.
The dinners were a cut above average at the U.S. chow halls, but that's where the similarity with hearth and home begins and ends.
The fire blazed on the open hearth and sometimes the baker as it was called was hanging over the fire with a cake of bread being baked.
A fire was laid in the huge fireplace but not lit, and there was a large rug in front of the hearth ; it looked cosy.
they were sitting around the hearth
The stage is set, and it is so small; it is the hearth and home.