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heartened / ободрять, удобрять, подбодрять
encourage, cheer, embolden, cheer up, give encouragement, hearten
fertilize, nourish, manure, enrich, dung, hearten
hearten, hearten up, man, reman, enliven, exhilarate
make more cheerful or confident.
she was heartened to observe that the effect was faintly comic
I arrive home and am heartened by the sight of my dog sitting patiently in front of the gates awaiting my arrival.
Bartley viewed himself as an optimist, and was heartened by what he had observed during his career.
I am heartened by the quality of our people and I feel confident of meeting any future challenges.
He was heartened when they asked ‘tough’ questions at the interview about how he would do the job.
He is heartened too by the likelihood of last year's arrivals from the Nationwide, Bolton, Blackburn and Fulham staying up.
Our display attracted a lot of attention and we were heartened by kind words of support and encouragement that we received.
The organizers of Saturday's antiwar protests in the US could not have been very heartened by the turnouts at the biggest events.
I'm also heartened that more public servants have found the courage to come out and tell the truth about this government.
The only people who want to hear bad news are the people who are heartened by failure.
A factor which heartens them is the sprawling river bed, to a length of nearly seven kilometres and an average breadth of 200 metres.