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heartbroken / с разбитым сердцем, убитый горем
имя прилагательное
с разбитым сердцем
heartbroken, broken-hearted
убитый горем
heartbroken, stricken with grief, sorrowful, prostrate with grief, broken-hearted
имя прилагательное
(of a person) suffering from overwhelming distress; very upset.
he was heartbroken at the thought of leaving the house
He was heartbroken and humiliated by our war on Mexico, which had never attacked us.
Don't even think about it if you don't want to be disappointed and heartbroken .
Although I am numb and heartbroken , it is a pleasure to be with him and his courage has taught me never to fear anything that life throws at me.
We accept that Thomas died but we can't accept his suffering and we are all heartbroken .
It was a godsend, but I was also heartbroken - that collection had many rare stamps.
I am heartbroken that people can do this kind of thing to my city.
As news of the shocking rampage spread, heartbroken relatives arrived to inspect their loved one's graves.
A devastated mum is heartbroken after thieves stole a tender tribute from her daughter's grave.
And the heartbroken grandmother ended up being forced to turn away her family for Christmas dinner.
Frightened and heartbroken , she flees with her husband close behind, eager to win back her love.