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heartbreaking / душераздирающий, скучный, надрывающий сердце
имя прилагательное
heartbreaking, harrowing, heartrending, shrill, soul-destroying
boring, dull, tedious, blah, uninspired, heartbreaking
надрывающий сердце
вызывающий печаль
имя прилагательное
causing overwhelming distress; very upsetting.
It's tragic and heartbreaking , but it should not be considered a point of debate.
As I read, the writer elaborated on the material with heartbreaking tales of his family life.
Speaking as a father of a young son and a daughter, I find this heartbreaking and tragic.
They encouraged him to think he could return home as a star; by the time he left, his yearning was heartbreaking .
Some stories told to her by families are heartbreaking and it is hard not to become emotionally involved.
It was amazingly difficult and heartbreaking but he never gave up.
It's tragic and heartbreaking , but it should not be considered a point of debate.
Instead they brought heartbreaking news of the death of a son, a father, a brother or some other loved one.
It was so heartbreaking to see lots of people traumatised by the war and living in bombed out buildings.
John, faced with a heartbreaking decision no five-year-old should ever have to make, chose his father.
It is very heartbreaking to now know my mum would probably be alive if the police had done a proper investigation first time around.