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heartbreak / большое горе
имя существительное
большое горе
имя существительное
overwhelming distress.
an unforgettable tale of joy and heartbreak
Always supportive, we were the crutch for the other to lean on, when love dealt us the pain of heartbreak .
It is not a hedge around heartbreak , a quick fix for pain, or a detour through grief.
Three years of heartbreak and pain has ended for a Rochdale woman with the birth of a baby boy.
an unforgettable tale of joy and heartbreak
It was all so sudden and we experienced the pain and heartbreak of each health report of our poor lead fiddle player.
an unforgettable tale of joy and heartbreak
She has suffered heartbreak , both on and off the field, and has come through it all with dignity and strength.
I ran from the club and down the all too familiar streets, where I'd already experienced joy and heartbreak .
Accidents in general, and those resulting in loss of life in particular, cost a lot of money and a lot of heartbreak .
He was quite simply helping out people he both knew and liked in a time of great distress and heartbreak .