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heartbeat / биение сердца, пульсация сердца, волнение
имя существительное
биение сердца
heartbeat, pant
пульсация сердца
excitement, unrest, agitation, emotion, worry, heartbeat
имя существительное
the pulsation of the heart.
His heartbeat quickened as he hurried towards her room.
For twelve years Keane has been the heartbeat of the United team.
Then I realized that I couldn't hear anything at all, nothing but a constant thudding like a heartbeat in my eardrum.
He remembered the day's events vividly and felt his heartbeat quicken pace as he remembered the routine attack on the Alliance convoy.
My heartbeat just quickened and it kept increasing.
Other drugs may be given if pain persists, if there is fluid on the lungs or a fast heartbeat .
Looking across the dark waters that separate our houses, I can't help but feel my heartbeat quicken and the resolve in my mind harden.
Marcy felt her breath quicken, her heartbeat accelerate and crescendo in her ears to an overpowering drone.
The common symptoms of anaemia are tiredness, shortness of breath and awareness of the heartbeat (palpitations).
I could feel his breath against my neck and through my dress I could feel his heartbeat pulsating through my body as he pulled me closer.
They were the team's engine and heartbeat , and without them things would not function effectively.