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hearse / катафалк, дроги, гроб
имя существительное
hearse, catafalque
hearse, dry cart
coffin, casket, hearse, shell
похоронные дроги
bier, hearse
имя существительное
a vehicle for conveying the coffin at a funeral.
Fire trucks, ambulances, hearses and the vehicles of law enforcement officers on duty are also allowed unhindered passage, but not most do not realize that either, or do not care.
As the hearse and police cars drove down the drive towards the chapel, the rainy night air was lit up with flashes from Press cameras.
A horse-drawn hearse took the coffin from the house to the church.
After the National Anthem, the Bearer Party places the coffin in the hearse .
These included a government official and a driver of a hearse conveying a corpse.
As light drizzle began to fall on a dark London night, six pallbearers, from a firm of undertakers carefully lifted the coffin from the hearse .
He insisted the silver limousine with a private registration number did not look like a funeral car unless it was travelling behind a hearse .
A horse-drawn hearse carried the coffin from the Bulldog pub in Walcot, which is run by Kevin's brother, Geoff.
In a few moments they carry the coffin to the hearse , and place it inside for the trip to the cemetery.
These services would include the hire of a hearse , coffin costs, flowers and embalming.
At 12.30 pm the bearer party will place the coffin in the hearse and five minutes later the procession will leave for Windsor.