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hearing / слух, слушание, разбирательство
имя существительное
hearing, rumor, hearsay, ear, talk, report
hearing, listening, audition
auscultation, hearing, audition
слушание дела
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the faculty of perceiving sounds.
people who have very acute hearing
an opportunity to state one's case.
I think I had a fair hearing
perceive with the ear the sound made by (someone or something).
behind her she could hear men's voices
Not every villager believes that he was given a fair hearing , and the issue remains a conversation point on local streets.
Although suffering from poor vision, its sense of hearing and smell is acute and of primary importance in locating food.
They've lost their eyesight, they have acute hearing and smell, and they function perfectly in the pitch black.
You are no doubt familiar with the five senses: sight, touch, hearing , smell and taste.
Alex enjoys playing ball, thanks to his keen sense of smell and his acute hearing .
In the case of a continuing wrong done to him a prisoner could expect that a hearing in judicial review proceedings could be obtained with little delay.
No one ever made fun of my sister, at least within my hearing , again.
the court may stay execution pending a hearing
They do use their potential due to their difficulty in hearing , sight or speech.
But a point that he made was that the judge at the hearing , the trial judge, misdirected himself to causation, and he did.