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hear / слышать, услышать, слушать
hear, understand
hear, understand
listen, hear, hearken, hark, follow, harken
perceive with the ear the sound made by (someone or something).
behind her she could hear men's voices
However, just about every murder case we hear of in the news involves a religious murderer.
behind her she could hear men's voices
if you would like to join the committee, we would love to hear from you
It helped her hear some vowel sounds in the lower frequencies, but that was all.
The noise of the blast has left him struggling to hear high frequency sounds.
I was shocked to hear of her death
The Duchess of York, who is an old friend of Murray and knows her as Jeffa, said she was delighted to hear of the explorers' safe rescue.
did you hear that?
Every time I talk to or hear of anyone studying anything at all, I get jealous.
I won't hear of such idiocy