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heap / куча, ворох, груда
имя существительное
heap, pile, stack, jumble, peck, cumulus
heap, pile, lots
pile, heap, stack, mass, huddle, congestion
dump, heap, breast, muck
mass, array, weight, lot, bulk, heap
shower, heap, cover, load, pepper, inundate
load, burden, weight, pile, charge, heap
pile up, heap, heap up, stack, crowd, bulk
heap, bank
pile, pile up, heap, heap up
имя существительное
an untidy collection of things piled up haphazardly.
she rushed out, leaving her clothes in a heap on the floor
put in a pile or mound.
she heaped logs on the fire
a great deal.
“How do you like Maggie?” “I like you heaps better!”
As it was, I bought a few things for myself, and a whole heap of Christmas presents (two of which got broken on the way back, sadly).
Take into consideration our high numbers of houseless and hungry people and you find a whole heap of hungry, gluttonous Christians here.
The police had set up roadblocks immediately, and at one point that night a whole heap of people tried to bust through the roadblock in cars and on foot.
a heap of gravel
The lure of the range brings out the cowpoke in all of us, along with the chance to heap a plate high with some hearty cowboy dishes.
I ought to make a submission to the panel, but wonder at what tone to take: should I fight for my corner of the corner, or should I heap my prose with obsequies and leave it at that?
Feel free to pour your scorn or heap your praise upon us.
Spread a mulch of wood chips, cocoa bean hulls, or the like around the plant, taking care not to heap the material around the rose's trunk.
So the ‘agreement’ referred to in the AP story is tenuous, at best, and at worst, lacks a whole heap of context that renders it meaningless.
There's an unfinished attempt at a deck, no more than a heap of firewood, in one of the back corners, and a small dumping area in the other where the previous owners used to tip grass cuttings.