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heal / исцелять, излечивать, заживать
heal, cure
heal, heal up, heal over, cicatrize
(of a person or treatment) cause (a wound, injury, or person) to become sound or healthy again.
his concern is to heal sick people
What a patient weighs on a scale does not adequately represent his or her health or ability to heal a wound.
Of course, his wife will also be pregnant because that obviously will heal the psychological torment and guilt John feels over the loss of his son.
By our love, and only by our love for one another, are we going to be able to approach God and to heal pain.
Last week's EU summit should have been an ideal opportunity to heal rifts after the trauma of the ‘No’ votes.
She begs Jesus to heal her daughter, but it sounds as if he doesn't have time for her.
He soon gained a reputation as a man who could heal sick people.
The disciples aren't able to heal a lad who is suffering from what sounds like epileptic seizures.
You know you're going to heal and hey look at that, that blood is good and red and healthy isn't it so you're going to heal very quickly.
There was no harm in trying to heal a sick man who wanted to get better.
time can heal the pain of grief