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headway / прогресс, продвижение вперед, движение вперед
имя существительное
progress, progression, advancement, advance, headway, go-ahead
продвижение вперед
advance, headway, forwarding
движение вперед
progress, propulsion, headway, onward movement, way, go-ahead
поступательное движение
translation, headway
success, luck, hit, achievement, advance, headway
имя существительное
move forward or make progress, especially when circumstances make this slow or difficult.
the ship was making very little headway against heavy seas
the average interval of time between vehicles moving in the same direction on the same route.
The company also extended the train headway from three to six minutes during this period.
Nor should it be overlooked that there are some others making headway in this battle for the clothing market.
For all its warts, Montreal is making headway in the sustainable architecture crusade.
I try to make sure that we have the right people in the right activities and we're making headway .
On the doorsteps, the Conservatives are making headway on immigration.
By the end of last year, Beijing seemed to be making headway in preventing the economy from boiling over.
Instead of speed, other countries should try instead to emulate the Shinkansen's remarkable frequency of train headway .
the ship was making very little headway against heavy seas
Structural changes aside, it's hard to get a fix on whether the gumshoes are making headway .
There can be little doubt that she had despaired of making headway in an old-fashioned world.
they appear to be making headway in bringing the rebels under control