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headstone / надгробие, краеугольный камень, могильный камень
имя существительное
tomb, headstone
краеугольный камень
cornerstone, keystone, foundation stone, headstone
могильный камень
имя существительное
a slab of stone set up at the head of a grave, typically inscribed with the name of the dead person.
It's an amazing sight to see 43 acres of graves and monuments and headstones and so many images of death packed together.
It is, of course, a memorial to the matriarch, the slab representing her headstone .
Both are buried at Orton churchyard in a grave without a headstone .
Today was the unveiling ceremony for her headstone which was a stone carving commissioned by her family.
marble headstone
Colin's friends are now raising money for a headstone to mark his grave.
She pressed a kiss against her fingers and then touched AJ's name on the headstone .
Police were called to the scene on Friday and discovered the gravestone lying at the side of the grave with the headstone turned down in the earth.
This means that the family can not afford a headstone for Phoebe's grave at Pleasington cemetery.
Folding his coat beneath him, he knelt down and sat back on his haunches at the foot of the grave, facing the headstone .
Walking around the grave, Eve's heart sank as she made out the name on the headstone .