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headscarf / головной платок
имя существительное
головной платок
headscarf, kerchief, headcloth, babushka, headsquare
имя существительное
a square of fabric worn as a covering for the head, often folded into a triangle and knotted under the chin.
The dyed threads are then used for weaving sarees, headscarves and fabrics.
Most of the female guests wore, as did the bride, a headscarf or face-covering veil.
I guess the stereotype would have been a strapping man dressed in robes, wearing a headscarf or turban with a long black beard.
The headscarf , or hijab, worn by many Muslim girls and women has become an object of controversy in recent months.
Supplies were hard to come by and she had to wear the burqa in the streets and a headscarf and veil while operating.
This was not an invitation to discuss aesthetics, but an argument for women wearing the Islamic headscarf known as the hijab.
The ‘ex-midwife’ was always a large, comfortable woman with curlers in her hair and a headscarf and apron.
My own preference is a long black dress and a white headscarf - I have never worn a burqa in my life.
Still, the Muslim headscarf , or hijab, that I wear makes me feel as if I am under a microscope.
In Athens she will wear a headscarf and tracksuit pants when she runs; she has no wish to provoke or antagonise.
Most women wear headscarves , fewer wear veils, and many, especially in cities, are bareheaded and wear western clothes.