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headroom / габаритная высота, высота кузова, просвет
имя существительное
габаритная высота
высота кузова
clearance, light, clear, road clearance, rift, headroom
имя существительное
the space above a driver's or passenger's head in a vehicle.
There is ample space, although a bit more headroom for rear passengers would be nice.
There is plenty of head and leg room for front passengers, but that domed roof means restricted headroom for taller adults in the back.
The cabin is spacious, with lots of headroom and leg room in the back is generous.
Tall drivers may find comfort curtailed as it offers less headroom than its main rivals.
The tall roof also provides headroom above and beyond the call of duty.
This is due mainly to the curving roof, which supplies ample headroom , but even legroom is OK.
No problem whatsoever with headroom or legroom, front or back for the full occupancy complement of five.
The driver is well positioned but tall people may find that there is not enough headroom when a sun roof is present.
But tall people also like 4x4s because of the headroom and the potential to drive through ditches.
Rear passengers in particular will appreciate the leg and headroom , while the boot is best described as cavernous.
Legroom, headroom and shoulder-room have all been improved as a result of increasing the width of the cab and its overall height.