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headrest / подголовник
имя существительное
имя существительное
a padded part extending from or fixed to the back of a seat or chair, designed to support the head.
The vehicle also has a breakaway pedal assembly and the seats and headrests are designed to lessen the chances of whiplash injury.
I was staring out the windshield when I noticed his arm rising up in the air and slowly inching behind the headrest of my seat.
In the headrest of the seat in front was a television.
He reached over the headrest of the seat and pulled Reid's arms back, trying to restrain him.
I muttered out a thank you, and rode in silence, glaring holes into the headrest of Tomas's seat
I stuck it on the headrest on the passenger seat, to keep me company.
So I recently arrived in the US for a prolonged stay and there was a TV in the headrest of the seat ahead of me on the flight over.
Jason slung an arm casually over the headrest of the bus chair.
Trying to calm myself, I unbuckled my seatbelt and turned to Eddie, one hand on the dashboard and one on the headrest of my seat.
I looked over to see his red head propped up on the headrest of the lounge chair.
He once again ran his hands through his hair and leaned his head back on the headrest of his chair for a moment.