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headquarters / штаб, центр, главное управление
имя существительное
headquarters, staff
center, heart, focus, core, headquarters, nucleus
главное управление
headquarters, head-office
орган управления войсками
главное командование
General Headquarters, headquarters, command-in-chief
имя существительное
the premises occupied by a military commander and the commander's staff.
Its main generating unit was the staff headquarters of the Red Army's Rear Services.
The vote has been ratified by the county committee, and will need to be rubber stamped by national headquarters in London.
I think the enemy thought we were just another element, not a brigade headquarters .
Even its military headquarters - the Pentagon - wanted to be an architectural wonder.
It is also the national headquarters of the Friends of the Trabant UK Club.
About 95 per cent of the activity in headquarters is administrative so the new site is going to be of great value.
The tigers had to be moved more than 400 kilometres from the site to the headquarters of the centre.
The national headquarters is based at York University with a regional centre at Sheffield Hallam University.
The recruiting battalion headquarters were the second and third to open in Afghanistan.
The EU used its right to block the request made at the trade organization's headquarters in Geneva.
Air strikes against militant training bases or headquarters in Pakistan have been ruled out.