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headpiece / шлем, заставка, насадка
имя существительное
helmet, slam, helm, headpiece, casque, crest
headband, headpiece, miniature
nozzle, cap, neck, filling, header, headpiece
savvy, headpiece
headphones, headphone, earphones, headset, earpieces, headpiece
имя существительное
a device worn on the head as an ornament or to serve a function.
her headpiece was a wreath of silk flowers
an illustration or ornamental motif printed at the head of a chapter in a book.
the part of a halter or bridle that fits over the top of a horse's head behind the ears.
Lucia is dressed in a white robe and crowned with a headpiece of candles.
It's very comfortable, almost like a leotard, and the headpiece is soft - you can put jewels everywhere and make it your own.
Her elaborate headpiece looked like a much exaggerated crown.
Once he was sure that they were on tight and snug, he donned the gloves that were more deserving of the name ‘gauntlets’, and a special headpiece that featured yellow lenses worn over the eyes.
More searching turned up golden slippers, and a hair net of pearls and moonstones, held on by a headpiece that looked like a combination between a circlet and a headband.
her headpiece was a wreath of silk flowers
June on the other hand had a gorgeous white wedding dress with lace and satin and a beautiful headpiece .
I stuck with maroon and gold and with a gold headpiece with a deep red veil.
I retrieved my gun first, and then pulled the headpiece out of the helmet.
They did, however, place a headpiece on her head that resembled a dunce cap.