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headphone / наушники, головной телефон
имя существительное
headphones, headphone, earphones, headset, earpieces, earflaps
головной телефон
headset, headphone, earphone, headpiece
At the left you'll find two USB 2.0 ports, an S-Video port, a 56Kbps modem socket, and headphone and mic ports.
Here you'll find headphone and mic sockets along with an analogue volume wheel.
It resembles a small one-sided headphone with a small boom microphone, and comes in a bluish-grey and silver metallic colour.
a headphone socket
One headphone on, one headphone off, we recorded late into that evening as we were ‘on a roll’.
At one end is the microphone and headphone socket, at the other the AAA battery hatch and the covered USB port.
Aside from the headphone jack on the side and a taped over DC power jack, the only other opening was a side door.
You put on a pair of headphones and you get the same experience as with a great pair of speakers.
We preferred the headphones as music on the loudspeaker didn't sound too good to us.
He traded a pair of headphones for a syringe from a fellow prisoner who was a diabetic.