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headman / глава, вождь, начальник
имя существительное
chapter, head, section, chief, leader, headman
leader, chief, chieftain, head, headman, dux
chief, head, superior, supervisor, director, headman
foreman, headman, ganger, boss, overman, taskmaster
master, foreman, artisan, nailer, hand, headman
имя существительное
the chief or leader of a community or tribe.
This is where community leaders such chiefs, headmen and indeed agricultural extension officers need to step in and carry out a massive education campaign.
It is run by a headman to whom most of the villagers are related.
I went there around September and thanks to the village headman , the council leader and some of the village dignitaries held a banquet in my honor.
It is based on the traditional model of Lakota government, where the headman of each band represented the band's tribe, and the headman of each Lakota tribe represented the Greater Sioux Council.
Far from exhibiting any shame over his actions, W had asked the headman 's son to write on his behalf to all the chiefs in defence of his actions.
This message was delivered in church sermons, but also in the headman 's addresses to the community.
The council consists of the headman , priest, village watchman, and four or five elders.
Local headmen and tribal chiefs, on whom his regime relies, were given even larger awards of between 500 and 750 percent.
Tribal affiliations had to be ‘redefined’ and, after some conflict, different groups associated themselves with different chiefs and headmen .
They provided the loyal headmen to displace recalcitrant chiefs, as well as mission-educated ministers, teachers, and agricultural demonstrators, who became the models and ideologues for a new African identity.
However, conscription quotas placed on African chiefs or headmen in the Reserves undermined the legitimacy of the colonial regime on the ground.