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headlong / стремглав, опрометью, очертя голову
headlong, hotfoot
headlong, full tear, at top speed
очертя голову
headlong, headfirst, headforemost, slapbang, slapdash, pell-mell
головой вперед
headfirst, headlong, headforemost
rashly, hastily, headlong, overhastily, headfirst, slapbang
имя прилагательное
rampant, headlong, irrestrainable, lickety-split
reckless, rash, heady, hasty, inconsiderate, headlong
stormy, turbulent, rough, rugged, tempestuous, headlong
with the head foremost.
he fell headlong into the tent
in a rush; with reckless haste.
a headlong dash through the house
The more foolhardy believe that if they are fated to meet a truck headlong at 100 kmph because they are driving on the wrong side of the road, then so be it.
Yet these are real risks, and they are being ignored in the headlong rush to profit from bioengineering breakthroughs.
It doesn't stack up and it seems the headlong contradictions we are living with could cause serious upheaval in the period ahead.
Alternatively, you can eschew the usual headlong rush of the resort and take off into the back country on a pair of snowshoes or touring skis.
They were copied in the late 1780s by Belgians revolting against the headlong rationalisations of Joseph II.
The film features destitute people being attacked while they sleep and others being given small sums of money to run headlong into walls and street signs.
He had fallen headlong out of the car door, skidding and scraping his head along the concrete as he went.
The headlong advances of population and industry were making themselves felt in ever more widespread pollution.
Their wild, headlong struggle to stay one step ahead of the truth grabs the viewer from the first and simply never lets go.
Finally, whilst looking over my shoulder as I greeted a passerby, I went headlong into and nearly demolished this tent opposite Beales.