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headline / заголовок, новости одной строкой, краткая сводка новостей
имя существительное
heading, headline, caption, head, banner, topic
новости одной строкой
краткая сводка новостей
headline, wrap-up
headline, entitle, intitule, head
широко освещать в печати
имя существительное
a heading at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine.
a front-page headline
denoting or relating to a figure for unemployment based on the unadjusted total number of people out of work, as a percentage of the population.
the headline unemployment rate has surprised the markets by dropping slightly
provide with a headline.
a feature that was headlined “Invest in Your Future.”
appear as the star performer at (a concert).
an acoustic jam headlined by rappers LL Cool J and De La Soul
We had a headline in the newspaper stating that one-third of the foreshore was off limits.
When they see a newspaper headline , they think it has the status of an official announcement.
I saw a headline in an Israeli newspaper last week - a shooting - and recognised a name, a photograph, a face.
They have a long way to go until they can headline a concert but they really know what they're doing.
The more common practice is for a male star and a female counterpart to headline at such a concert.
When we see a newspaper headline about half an hour into the story, it's dated 1931.
The only clue he can find is a newspaper headline saying that the city has been evacuated.
a front-page headline
the headline unemployment rate has surprised the markets by dropping slightly
the country's headline inflation had slowed down to 6.87 percent