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heading / заголовок, рубрика, курс
имя существительное
heading, headline, caption, head, banner, topic
heading, rubric, bracket, head
course, policy, path, heading, class, tack
direction, directing, route, trend, line, heading
title, heading
имя прилагательное
leading, master, principal, key, guiding, heading
имя существительное
a title at the head of a page or section of a book.
chapter headings
a direction or bearing.
he crawled on a heading of 90 degrees until he came to the track
a strip of cloth at the top of a curtain above the hooks or wire that suspend the curtain.
be in the leading position on.
the Palm Sunday procession was headed by the crucifer
give a title or caption to.
an article headed “The Protection of Human Life.”
move in a specified direction.
he was heading for the exit
shoot or pass (the ball) with the head.
a corner kick that he headed into the net
lop off the upper part or branches of (a plant or tree).
The trunks of some trees have been headed which causes several branches to grow from just below the cut.
With the aircraft at a height of about 320 ft on a south-easterly heading in fine weather, workers on the drilling rig heard a loud bang.
The Blue Horizon was on a seldom-used shipping lane, its heading intersected by a small red dot a short distance in front of them.
Home seemed an especially good idea now, and I acquired a direct heading back to PSAB.
The heading of Division 2 is dealing with industrial disputes.
In the book each chapter heading is based on a myth.
he crawled on a heading of 90 degrees until he came to the track
This is a chart where the main heading is circled in the middle of a piece of paper, and arrows stretch outwards in various directions to more circles containing sub-headings.
We had no such system and it would perhaps have flagged up a problem elsewhere in the mine that was being drawn into our heading .
A top heading is first excavated, and then a bench that is sometimes split further into bench and invert sections is constructed.
he crawled on a heading of 90 degrees until he came to the track